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You are a beginner is exactly why you need a coach who guides you through the ocean of bullshit that will be thrown at you the moment you scream out to the universe that you want to get fit already. That way, the kind of progress others without a coach make in 2yrs surfing through all the bad advice, you’ll make better progress than that in less than 6months. The more experienced guys will want fitness advice from you in less than half a year!

I want you to do some form of exercise. Whether that exercise is to be done in the gym, in the park, in your spare bedroom, is upto you. Based on your convenience and comfort, a customised workout program will be made for you. I just want you to make progress! 

You can watch this video for better explanation. 

I have a twin brother. We both have the same upbringing, same genes, same activity levels, eat the same amount of food. But I lose weight faster than he ever will and he gains muscle faster than I ever will. Every individual’s progress is so different from one another that its impossible to predict how fast someone will make progress without me having worked with them. However, what I can promise you is that by the time your program ends, your lifestyle will go to a level where you don’t just get in better shape, but you stay in shape for the rest of your life!

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